About us

CPRESS is London’s most innovative juice bar. Launched in 2014, we stand at the intersection between the fashionable, sleep, cold pressed juice bar and the artisan coffee shop.

We strive to redefine the rules by fusing a typical café experience with a pioneering approach to cold pressed juice, plant-based foods and exceptional coffee. We work hard to challenge industry standards. Our products are hand prepared seven days a week to ensure fresh, healthy and real food for our customers. 

CPRESS has become the frontrunner in the London health scene, serving up everything from charcoal lemonade to turmeric shots to avocado toast and epic acai bowls.

SINCE 2014


CPRESS was founded in 2014 with a desire to fuse the sleek, L.A juice bar with premium coffee and healthy food. The company is one of the first and leading Cold Pressed Juicers in London using 100% ORGANIC produce. Juice is still at the heart of what we do, but our passions are many: plant based eating and artisan coffee, and of course, healthy treats!


At CPRESS there are NO compromises and NO shortcuts. Our vision is long-term and our model is organic and sustainable. From day 1 we have set the bar high and we continue to raise it daily, making healthy, ORGANIC food available to more people every day. We strive to make a positive impact on our customers, the planet and our staff.


CPRESS is a way of life. Everything we do is done with excellence, dedication and determination to create the best possible in-store experience for our customers. We have a unique approach to the juice and coffee space and strive to put a personal touch on everything we do.