About us

In a short span of two years Corks and Kegs Private Limited has strategically widened its repertoire of projects: from managing traditional British pubs in Central London to acquiring exclusive UK-wide rights for the Indian craft burger chain Burger Singh to opening our first stand-alone cafe and bar. 

Our pubs - The Royal Oak and The Rising Sun - are located in the buzzing area of Pimlico, Westminster and are as much a getaway for tourists as well as an abode for locals.

Burger Singh is a unique take on burgers, with Indian spices and flavours. Since its launch in the London market, the brand has successfully endeared itself to the London fusion food scene by re-inventing the average burger in a quintessentially ‘desi’, way.

Our new project, Stirred - Cafe and Bar is all set to open shortly near Clapham Junction. Stirred - a day time cafe and an evening time bar, serves an array of inspired drinks, good ol' cup of joe and Pan-Asian style tapas.

More information about our projects can be found on their websites.

We are always on the look out for new and interesting projects, and look forward to hearing from you!

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