Our story

Over fifteen years ago Anne and Shelly, two sisters from Dublin, went backpacking. They had the time of their lives, but for this dynamic duo it wasn't quite enough. Inspired by their stays in hostels around the world, they set out to open the doors to their own. The sisters loved the sense of warmth and community at some of the places they had stayed. When they opened Ashlee House, at 261 Grays Inn Road, they wanted to capture that atmosphere whilst creating a hostel that was a real step up. Ashlee House soon became a well-known and successful backpackers' hostel. So the sisters set their sights on bigger things ...

Bigger things like Rock 'n' Roll! Well, sort of. An old courthouse came on the market. It was where Punk band The Clash had stood trial and where Charles Dickens once worked. The sisters knew it was an opportunity too good to miss. With a solid knowledge of the industry (and always up for a challenge!) they took on the tired old courthouse as their next hostel venture. The striking building was lovingly refurbished with quirky, bold and colourful decor. It reopened with the name Clink. (Why 'Clink'? It's an old English slang word for prison, and with its old prison cells and courtrooms, the name seemed apt!). 

Ashlee House and Clink then came together under the umbrella name of Clink Hostels. The buildings were renamed Clink78 and Clink261. Although different in size and style, they shared the same energy and spirit. The focus of both hostel teams was to engage with guests and understand their needs. The ultimate aim was, and remains to this day, to deliver a great guest experience!