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Home to the authentic gaúcho experience

In Southern Brazil herds of cattle graze vast pastures, providing Brazil with meats for the famous churrasco barbecues – a century old gaúcho tradition. We are bringing our roots and traditions and offering our guests the best rodizio experience.

Our dedication for providing quality ingredients with outstanding service will ensure you enjoy the true essence of the Brazilian gaúcho experience.

City District fazenda

Our Unique concept

Your Fazenda experience begins with a visit to our gourmet sides bar that features quality salads, fresh cut vegetables, breads, cured meats, continental cheeses and hot dishes, including our traditional Brazilian Feijoada (bean stew with meat).

Once you are ready for the meats, you control the service with a small double-sided card placed on your table. The green side signals the chefs to bring out skewers of sizzling meats one by one, while the red side indicates a resting point. To resume the service, simply display the green side again. Use the card to control the service to your own pace and enjoy the tradition behind the unique Brazilian way of serving.