Chartwells Independent is proud to create outstanding educational experiences for pupils across more than 100 collaborative food partnerships. Independent school caterers who truly care, we always go above and beyond to sow the seeds for pupils to make lifelong positive dietary and lifestyle choices. We bring our heritage and experience to each of our partnerships, with every decision made by our trusted teams focused on the health of our pupils and planet. 

We’ve worked alongside independent schools for more than 50 years and are pleased to continue creating inspiring food experiences based on the core principles we’ve always kept. Our insight-led approach to independent and private school catering is brought to life by our fantastic management teams, who bring extensive culinary experience and an unrivalled passion for healthy food to the table for our pupils. 

At Chartwells Independent, we believe our clients deserve only the best from their chosen private school caterers. That’s why our partnerships are driven by continuous improvement and cultivated to help clients benefit from the added value we’re proud to bring their pupils. 

To ensure our partnerships consistently go beyond the plate for our valued clients, we carefully select members of our fantastic teams to lead each food experience journey. They not only support our partners as they transition to outsourced catering, but also remain closely integrated with the school community to create continuity. 

We pride ourselves on being reliable and trustworthy private and independent school caterers, and by collaborating with our clients and their people, we’re pleased to share the Chartwells Independent way further for food experiences that always exceed expectations.