About us


Our brand values are reflected in everything we do and in who we are as a company and as individuals.

ELEGANCE We take care of the details

UPLIFTING We make every moment delightful

ORIGINALITY We lead the way


Our Caviar range is without a doubt the most innovative in the world, with over 60 years of expertise in the Caviar industry allowing us to truly be the

best at what we do. Our Prunier range is produced on the Gironde River in Bordeaux with a choice of salt procedures, allowing for a unique range of Caviar unsurpassed by anyone else. Prunier Caviar is stored in a traditional Caviar “slip lid” tin to allow it to continue to breathe and mature. Our Caviar House range is meticulously chosen for its rich flavours and consistency, with all the Caviar ethically sourced from Italy, Germany and Iran.


Our Balik Salmon is produced at the Balik Farm in the heart of the Swiss Alps in an area renowned for its pure groundwater, its altitude and the quality of wood in its forests. The Smokery Master and his team process the Norwegian Salmon according to a well-guarded and secret recipe. Considered by most aficionados to be the best-smoked salmon in the world, the Balik salmon traces its roots back to imperial Russia, where the art of fine dining and its quality reached unprecedented levels among the Russian aristocracy.


Using our years of expertise in luxury food and beverage, we have decided to launch our new ‘Not Always Caviar’ concept. This exciting new venue will be an upmarket cafe taking inspiration from our excellent Caviar & Balik products and our know-how. We will serve world class coffee, beautiful ‘crazy baguettes’ filled with great ingredients, a selection of incredible flatbreads as well as a wide selection of drinks, snacks and salads.