Meet the Team

Lois McPhillips - Recruitment & Welfare Supervisor

I started working for Canvas in 2007 where I was a childrens courier on St.Aubin, Normandy. The following year I was the childrens courier on Domaine des Naiades, Côte d'Azur before moving to Camping Acapulco, Vendee for High Season.

I am now the Recruitment and Welfare Supervisor within the operations department, majority of my tasks are checking applications, setting up telephone interviews, face to face interviews, arranging and scheduling interview dates. I have many varied task prior to the season, during the season and over the winter.

Positive points about working for Canvas are: I love working for Canvas Holidays, Everyday is an Adventure! I enjoying speaking/meeting all the applicants during recuritment and enjoying talking to the couriers / Team Leaders / Area Managers and Maintenance teams overseas.

Jim Rideout – Overseas Recruitment & Staff Welfare Assistant

I started work for Canvas in 2005. I’ve worked in the Pas de Calais, Normandy, Rome and Tuscany.

My responsibilities now are administrative duties in the Recruitment & Welfare department involving a wide range tasks that vary between summer and winter. The work includes recruitment and preparation for the holiday season before providing support for on-site staff in the summer.

Positive points about working for Canvas are: Working with people who are dedicated to providing the best service possible; the relaxed, friendly atmosphere; getting to know the on-site staff and the opportunity to learn new skills.

Ann Quinlan- Product Deliver coordinator Paris / Loire / Brittany/Vendee/ Dordogne/South West

I have worked for Canvas since 2004 in various roles - Courier, Maintenance Assistant, Area Manager, and Maintenance Trainer. During this time I have worked in the Vendee, Brittany, Jura, Switzerland, Holland, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Cote Dazur, Royan,Normandy Loire Valley, Paris and Picardy.

I am currently responsible for all aspects of our Product Delivery for Paris, Loire, Vendee, Brittany, Dordogne, South West. In the winter season I spend my time preparing for the season ahead, which also involves the recruitment of our overseas staff.

Positive points about working for Canvas- The opportunity to work alongside so many fantastic individuals, each and everyone one of them committed to delivering fantastic service.

Our Reward and Recognition Scheme - This allows all staff within Canvas the opportunity to "make a difference", share their ideas and voice their opinions. We have our annual "Orange Awards” to Recognise and Reward those staff that demonstrate best our "Orange Values".

The diversity of the job - every day brings new challenges, new rewards and a fantastic sense of achievement.

Richie Devaney – Product Delivery coordinator Italy and Cote D'Azur

I've worked for Canvas since 2005 in the Sales Department, Mobile Home Sales and Operations. I was general site manager on Berny in 2010, Area Manager in Tuscany, Venice and Rome in 2011 and 2012.

I am responsible for the sites in Italy and the Cote D'Azur, in the winter season I spend my time preparing for the season ahead, which also involves the recruitment of our overseas staff.

Positive points; Canvas are great to work for as they are small enough so that you know everyone in every department whilst operating over most of Europe giving you the opportunity to work and visit many places you would never have travelled.

Martin Williams - Product Delivery Coordinator Spain and Argeles

I started with Canvas Holidays in 2011 as a campsite courier, shortly after I became the General Manager on Berny Riviere. In 2012 I started off the year working in the warehouse and then I became the Area Manager for Dordogne and the Loire, I was the Area Manager for Brittany in 2013 and the Area Manager for Brittany and The Vendee in 2014.

This year I became the Product Delivery Coordinator of Spain and Argeles and I started off my season in Head Office in Dunfermline.