Case Study : Campsite Courier Insights

”My partner and myself are in our late fifties and thoroughly enjoying life. We had a variety of different jobs in our previous lives but we have been part of the Canvas family on the "front line" as couriers for two seasons now and looking forward to our third. The job can be hard work and certainly demanding at times, but the training and back up is first class and there when needed, whether it be the area manager, head office or the maintenance crew, there is always help.The standards expected are very high, which puts us streets in front of our competitors, but we found that if the effort is put in from the very beginning of the season it becomes easier and our clients are happy bunnies. There is no better feeling when an "arrival" who is tired after travelling for hours can still manage a wow when taken to their accommodation, this being down to us!

Also, we get to meet some very interesting people from all walks of life, and working in a different culture and language can be challenging but great fun.

If you have pride in what you do and don’t mind a bit of hard work, a good sense of humour is also helpful then you will enjoy the experience, believe me.

How many days to go!!!!"

Doug Hathaway and Jean Steele


”Being employed by the ministry of defence in the Royal Naval Dockyards all of my working life, you can imagine after 40 years of Naval Marine History, Nuclear submarines and the odd minor war campaign my trepidation as I ventured into the unknown.

Camping ‘La Rencontre du Soleil’, a small campsite set in a valley at the base of Alpe d’Huez in the French Alps, was to be home for the summer. It’s in a stunning location, with fantastic views, with lots to explore, each day an adventure, but after work of course.

As a life-experienced courier, the customer was always the first priority so cleanliness, availability, friendliness and helpfulness always came first. Cleaning and completing paperwork were major tasks and our standards were high.

However, ‘Via Ferrata’ (Rock Climbing, harnessed to the mountain), ‘Parascending’ (Flying from the top of Alpe d’Huez 10,000 ft), ‘White Water rafting’ in icy rivers, walking through meadows of stunning flora, viewing cascades and waterfalls, visiting small villages in the locale, eating their local produce and tasting their wine didn’t seem a bad second!

Certainly being a courier is a life experience. It was fantastic as my wife and I shared time and experiences we could not have dreamed of.

We met so many lovely people, both couriers and customers.

I would certainly encourage anyone with an outgoing disposition to give it a try, meet new people, do different things and experience life in its fullness."

Alex Semple