Career prospects

Working overseas can be a very big step to take. You will be able to experience different cultures and ways of life, enjoy a fantastic summer, friends for life and great job satisfaction. You’ll gain invaluable experience of working with the public as well as giving you many new skills and developing existing ones. We understand the importance of personal development and encourage our staff to move into more senior positions in their subsequent seasons. We can guarantee it really will be a summer to remember!

  • Fully equipped accommodation – either a Canvas Holidays tent or mobile home. You may be in this on your own or sharing with members of your team.
  • Competitive salary
  • Uniform which you should wear when carrying out your day to day on-site tasks.
  • Emergency medical Insurance in case of serious illness (doesn’t include pre-existing conditions and you will still require your European Health Insurance Card which covers you for day to day medical problems)
  • Comprehensive training either at one of our residential training courses or on your allocated campsite
  • 24hr back up
  • Contribution towards travel costs
  • Monthly salary paid into your UK bank account
  • The opportunity to progress within the company in future seasons


What opportunities will be opened up to you after a season with us? There are many different career paths that will require the type of skills you learn whilst working with Canvas.

Career prospects 1

I started my 1st Season with Canvas Holidays in 2009, I had just finished a 2 year break from camping and was itching to get back out to Europe, so I joined the Beautiful Orange and have been here ever since...

I was placed in Argeles-sur-mer, in the south of France as the General Site Manager of La Sirene. I will be honest, it was a bit of a culture shock after spending my previous 5 seasons in Spain, I spoke Spanish and couldn’t speak more than 3 phrases in French, Merci, Bonjour and un grand biere sil vous plait was about all I could manage in the beginning. I soon settled into life in France, I enjoyed cycling around the area in my free time, watching the amazing stage shows onsite, I even picked a few more French sentences up, and I worked hard and developed my skills with the support of my Area and Regional Managers. I will never forget when I drove an Iveco Montage van for the very first time, fully loaded across some of the windiest parts in France, palms sweating and knee’s trembling, it was an experience to say the least!! I enjoyed the season very much, but I did miss Spain and I also wanted to take the next step up the ladder as I had been waiting for this progression for quite some time.

For 2010, I was promoted to Area Manager, and the best part of all... Spain was going to be my area and the Area 5 Legends were born. I thrived on being challenged and loved every moment, and one of the memories that will always be stuck at the front of my mind was when I drove away from Berny Riviere after 1st training, with my Montage team heading off to MY area, what a great feeling to have something to call your own and take ownership of. It was a fantastic season, I managed a wonderful team of people and I felt like I belonged.

In 2011, not shy of a challenge, I was offered to return as Area Manager for Spain and Argeles-sur-mer, after a shuffle of the areas, which I gladly accepted. I was now responsible for one the largest areas within the programme, with my staff numbers doubling from the previous season. I couldn’t have asked for a better team, that season, they were all driven to be successful, and be the best area in Europe, and they worked very hard. It showed as the Area CSQ’s were in 1st Place at the end of the season!! I was very proud to accept the Achieving Results Award at the Canvas Staff Reunion for Area 5, it was an amazing feeling to be recognized for all of the hard work that had been put into making peoples holidays the best experience ever!

I was lucky to be promoted in November 2011 to the position I hold now of, Overseas Product Delivery Coordinator, where I joined the full time Operations Department all year round team. I look after a set geographical region within Europe ( which include Spain, obviously!), I am part of the recruitment and training of overseas staff, I have other responsibilities to go alongside this, dealing with onsite paperwork, branding and the staff handbook are a few of the many tasks that I do, and do you know what?? I have to say… It is the best job in the world!

Career Prospects 2

I had previously worked for other tour operators as a courier, team leader and various positions working in a ski season. I applied for the Area Manager position for Canvas Holidays in 2007 and was placed in the North Vendee. I had a great season and met some fantastic people and had one of the best summers of my life.

I then returned to Canvas in 2008 as Area manager for the Loire and South Vendee and again had a great season. At the end of that season I was invited to an award ceremony at Canvas HQ as I had won Area Manager of the year! Canvas announced new positions for Regional Managers so applied and got the job.

I was a Regional Manager for the summer of 2009, 2010 and 2011 covering Northern France, Germany and Holland. I managed 3 Area Managers and the maintenance team across the Northern half of the programme. At the end of 2011 I was promoted to Recruitment and Product Delivery Manager and moved back to the office in Dunfermline April 2012.

My job role then changed to Resourcing and welfare manager where I did some professional development and completed my HR course (CIPD). Canvas has given me many opportunities to progress in my career and to complete further education. Due to the nature of season work it means you can progress very quickly and if you show potential the Managers will help you work your way up the career ladder.

The last 10 years in camping have been fantastic and I can honestly say I have never woken up in the morning not wanting to go to work!