A Day at Summer Camp in America

We're very proud and excited that we're currently partnered with hundreds and hundreds of American Summer Camps, however as each camp is a little different we've put together a foot loose and fancy free (very general) guide to a 'typical day at camp’ just for you.

8.00  Rise and shine

Everyone knows about camp wake up, from the shrill tooting of the bugle to the firing of an actual cannon, it’s time to get up, shake off that sleep and get going.

8.30  Flagpole and morning meeting

Good morning campers

Around 8.30 each morning you’ll meet as a whole camp. You may recite the pledge of allegiance or sing to a flag. Camp’s come from years old traditions and your morning meeting is a prime time to see and experience some of the fantastic quirks camp has. Get your announcements, do some fun morning stretches, celebrate birthdays and inter-camp team wins, it’s time to begin the day.

9.00  Breakfast time

For breakfast, you will find sweet and savoury, crunchy and sloppy, toasted and chilled. There's every kind of food available and many of it will be a little strange; waffles, syrup and sausages? Dig in.

Many camps will have songs, graces or breakfast chants to get the kids excited for the day ahead.

Everyone heads back to their cabin or tent after breakfast to tidy up. You will be expected to help and oversee the clean up of your cabin area. The clean up will involve sweeping, taking out trash, putting wet clothes out to dry and generally making the cabin neat. Camp may run an inspection (possibly with prizes) each day.

10.00  Activity 1

If you're a cabin specialist you will take the campers to their scheduled activities (you'll often get to join in.) If you're an activity specialist you will spend the morning teaching the campers. If there is a period when you aren't leading your activity then you will be able to join back up with your group at an activity to help out.

10.45  Activity 2

The campers will move on to their next assigned activity for the day. If you are an activity specialist then you will receive a new group of children. If you are a general counselor you will accompany a group of children to their next activity.

11.15  Activity 3

12.30  Lunch is served

From Tacos to the notorious grilled cheese, everyone absolutely loves the lunch menu - campers will spend the whole morning guessing and fantasizing to what it might be. Often with a salad bar, and a pasta back up, everyone goes to town and gets their nourishment for the afternoon.

1.30  Rest hour

It will soon become apparent to you that rest hour is the greatest idea at camp. The combination of the early start, the hectic morning and the belly full of food means resting up is always a great plan. The campers will use this time to play cards, lay under their fans and chill with their friends. It’s a good time to relax and get out of the heat.

2.30  Activity 4

Rest hour over…back to activities! Activity specialists teach in their activity areas and general counselors circulate with campers.

3.15  Activity 5

4.00  Milk and cookies

Snack time - does what says on the tin. From milk and cookies to chips and dips - all snacks are always happily received.

4.15  Last activity

5.00  Shower time

Time to shampoo away all the dust and get squeaky clean for dinner.

6.00  It’s dinner time

Did someone say it’s BBQ tonight? The last big meal of the day could be anything. Fried chicken and gravy, slow-cooked brisket to a Thanksgiving special - brace yourself for a true American experience.

7.00  Free play & flag retreat

Free play is the campers chance to play with friends, they will buddy up and roam free. You as a counselor or specialist will watch an area of camp and make sure they don’t get into too much mischief.

It's also time to take down that flag.

8.00  Evening activity or all camp entertainment

Evening activities are great fun and an opportunity for you to spend time with everyone else on camp. Campers and counselors alike can integrate with people from other cabins and age groups. Evening activities range from themed dances, all-camp competitions, campfires, talent shows and sometimes off camp trips (bowling, lazer tag, cinema). The list goes on and on

10.00  Bedtime

Good night campers, all lights out

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