Campower staff are the people that keep camp running! Camp wouldn’t be able to run without the Campower team so, as a staff member your role is vital for a smooth-running summer. Roles can vary from working in the Kitchen & Dining Hall, Office, Maintenance & Grounds Keeping or Housekeeping & Laundry.

As you're not in charge of the campers, you won't be on duty around the clock like the Counsellors. You'll typically work in a more shift/rotational routine, so you'll have different periods of time off throughout the day and almost all evenings off. Campower staff have their own accommodation seperate to the campers and Counsellors. Obviously when you're on duty you need to stay in your work area but when you've got time off you'll be encouraged to join in with the camp activities. You'll also share evenings and days off with some of the Counsellors, so you'll have plenty of time to hang-out with them too!

As long as you’re a student currently in full-time education, you can apply for a Campower role today!