About Us

Burger & Lobster is owned by Goodman Restaurant group, the same people behind Goodman Steakhouse. Our story started in 2003 in Moscow, Russia with the opening of the first Goodman restaurant – the first steakhouse in Russia. After making the move to London in 2008, we now have a total of nine restaurants: three Goodman’s and six Burger & Lobster’s – the first of which opened in Mayfair in 2011.

Since then we have been bringing wild lobsters and handmade burgers to fun and passionate personalities who share our appetite for creativity. Simplicity is at the core of the Burger & Lobster concept, with respect for great food and quality service. We are focused on generating fresh ideas to provide an experience, and to inspire our customers, our staff and ourselves. Much like our customers and produce - our team come from all four corners of the globe. The Energy radiating from the diverse mix of personalities in amongst our team creates a buzz and atmosphere in a concept that is completely unique.