About us

BUNAC is a Global Work and Travel Provider

  • We make life-changing experiences stress-free.
  • We remove barriers with our expertise.
  • We bring the world closer together.

Making work & travel easy
Work and travel experiences aren't easy to do alone. We assist with visas, jobs, internship placements, travel planning, work abroad travel insurance, accommodation, arrival support, 24/7 emergency assistance and more. We make the overwhelming simple.

Removing barriers with our expertise
BUNAC uses its expertise gathered over 58 years to make life-changing work and travel experiences achievable, accessible and simple. We want to make work and travel so easy and stress free that every young person around the world can have the life-changing experience we’ve all had.

Making you and the world happier!
We know that every time we send someone abroad, they're making connections and friends for life that cross-borders and bridge divides. By increasing the work we do, we're multiplying those connections to make a more tolerant and understanding world.

BUNAC beliefs
Do it right: Don’t cut corners. We test for the best, set the standard high and always go all in to make every moment count.
Care with passion: Our passion is real. We go above and beyond, exceeding expectations and supporting one another every step of the journey.
Share the adventure: This isn't just a job, its life changing. Our lives have been changed by our experiences, which is why it’s our responsibility to pass it on.
Make a better world: Every person we meet and memory we make connects us across borders. By being understanding and compassionate global citizens we’re contributing to a more tolerant world.

BUNAC facts

  • BUNAC was established in 1962
  • We were founded by students for students
  • All of our team members have been on a work & travel experience - from Summer Camp USA and Work Canada to TEFL Thailand and Big 5 Wildlife Conservation
  • We offer work & travel experiences in 6 continents
  • We’ve helped nearly half a million young people work & travel abroad