Training & Development

We’ll ensure you’re trained and developed and if you want to progress you’ll know how. We are always looking for ways to continually develop our teams.

Read below for more details on our Induction & Training, Career Paths, NVQs and other Training Courses. This is all in addition to our continuous on-the-job training that happens every day.

Induction & Training

We’ll always start you off with a fantastic induction to properly introduce you BTP and what we’re all about. Get ready for sampling plenty of delicious food and drink on day one! Once we’re sure you’re up to speed with our H&S you’ll get the chance to see how each part of the business works (kitchen, barista and the floor). When you know who everyone is and your way around, we’ll get you buddied up with one of our amazing team who will support you in your on-the-job training.

Career Path

The world is your oyster! If you’ve got the desire, we will always work with you to help you achieve your career goals. Whether you want to learn to cook, make amazing coffee or run your own business one day – our commitment is to help you get there. Through honest and regular feedback, on-the-job training and training courses you will be able to map out your own career path, which you will be able to drive with our support. If it’s not a career you’re looking for, just a great job – you too will be welcome and any and all training is available to you, should you wish to continue learning. Every day is a school day! Despite what some people think, we feel quite strongly that working in this industry is ‘a proper job’ and we strive every day to show how wrong these people are and how rewarding a career in hospitality and the Boston Tea Party can be.



We work in partnership with training provide Lifetime Training to offer a selection of NVQ courses that allow you to learn whilst you earn. Learning happens on site with visits from your Lifetime trainer every 6-8 weeks to monitor your progress. We run the following courses;

• NVQ 2 Food and Beverage Service (including additional modules for Barista’s!)

• NVQ 2 Food Production

• NVQ 2 Team Leading

• NVQ 3 Hospitality Leadership & Supervision

Training Courses

Depending on your role within BTP you may need to get stuck into some further training from Food Safety Level 2 to First Aid. We are excited to share that we are also introducing Management, Leadership and Train the Trainer training for members of our management team.