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We make our food in each café everyday, not some factory somewhere far away. We cook properly, using raw ingredients that need, peeling, chopping and seasoning. This matters to us, as we buy incredible ingredients that in turn make into delicious meals.

We work with link-minded suppliers most of which are from the West Country. That’s because our spiritual home is Bristol (that’s where we started in 1995), we have worked with most of them for many, many years and they are very much part of the family.

Here are some of the splendid folk that we wanted to showcase and say thank you to. We just wouldn’t be the same without them…


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Bristol-based Extract Coffee Roasters are coffee artisans and New Zealand-inspired roasters of 100 per cent speciality grade Arabica, perfectly crafted on ‘Betty’ their 1955 cast iron vintage drum roaster. You can see her in action on our What We Do page. Their business is built on sharing their skills and coffee knowledge, whilst supporting everyone involved in the crop-to-cup coffee journey. We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Devon Rose Farm

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The Dean Family have long been synonymous with the provision of fine meats throughout the West Country, and have been farming, game-keeping, butchering and catering since the 1800s. Their philosophy is rooted in ‘farm to fork’ traceability, stringent welfare standards, free-range and naturally fed animals to ensure an excellent standard of taste, quality and sustainability.

They use traditional and environmentally friendly methods that say no to antibiotics, additives, water and saline pumping. All these animals live outside in the fresh air; as it should be.

Yeo Valley

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Yeo Valley is an independent, family−owned farming and dairy business based in Blagdon, North Somerset. They source all their organic milk from a cooperative of UK organic family dairy farms, which they helped to establish, as well as from their own herd of pedigree British Friesian cows. Yeo Valley was awarded the Soil Association’s Ethical Trade certification in 2011 for supporting British family dairy farms. They go the extra country mile to look after the people and the land, and to keep the livestock healthy. They also happen to hold the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Sustainable Development. Not to mention that Yeo Valley organic milk was also named as the best milk to use in making a coffee.

Hobbs House

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Established in 1920 in the Cotswolds, Hobbs House is a true family business with five generations of baking experience. Using traditional methods, their expert team of bakers continues to produce an exceptional range of award-winning breads, pastries and confectionery to the very highest standards. They love baking at Hobbs House and maintain the best of tradition, whilst embracing the greatest of what modern technology and thinking has to offer. Bread really is a way of life for them.

The Severn Project

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The Severn Project is a Community Interest Company at the forefront of the UK’s urban farm movement. Based in Bristol, Keynsham and Whitchurch it is an innovative social enterprise scheme which produces and supplies us with the highest quality salad as close to market as possible, as well as providing education, training and employment for socially excluded groups. Their passion for the products they grow, and the social innovation that they constantly implement, has made them one of the most productive urban farms in the UK.

A David

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A David & Co has been supplying great quality fruit and vegetables for over 50 years. Essentially still a family run business, they operate from Hillside Farm in the beautiful Chew Valley Lake area just outside Bristol. They source from Red Tractor-approved producers and are committed to a policy of local food sourcing, as well as supporting local producers, suppliers & farmers.

Watch our video: BTP - Sourcing Sustainably



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