Bone Daddies

Bone Daddies offer creative, Japanese - inspired cuisine in an informal environment, where we playfully highlight foods current in Japan today. 

We play classic Rock and Roll, but try to keep it in the background so it isn’t too loud. We are trying to show Londoners that Japanese has many cult-like subcultures, so while at Bone Daddies we have a collage of Rockabillies, at Flesh and Buns our bathrooms are covered in censored Hentai Manga.

Each of our sites are different, with different offerings, whether it be ramen noodles, buns, great drinks and more.

We have opened 2 restaurants in the past 5 months and are looking to add another 2 this year, with more to come in 2016.

So that we can do this and maintain our quality of product and service, we need more people to work with us who care about what they do and want to give their input into helping us grow our brand.

Bone Daddies-job-imageBone Daddies-job-imageBone Daddies-job-imageBone Daddies-job-image

If you have skill, passion, personality and a (clever) mind of your own, get in touch.

We’re committed to training you well, helping you develop beyond what you know now and giving you the opportunities to make a career out of working with us.

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