About Us

Bodyism transforms and empowers. You can be part of the movement.

10 years ago, James Duigan made it his mission to empower as many people as possible by spreading the Clean and Lean philosophy. He wanted men and women from all walks of life to realise their physical and mental potential. Our bodies want to be lean, light, strong and energised.

James, along with the rest of his team, have enabled thousands of people all over the world to transform and thrive.

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In November 2015, Bodyism will open its doors and revolutionize the wellness experience. The state-of-the-art members club has been designed with the single goal of ensuring that every client will achieve their optimum health.

  • Bodyism will take you back to a pure and clean experience.
  • The space itself is the first of it's kind; every aspect of your wellbeing has been considered. The air is purified and oxygenated so that every breath energises and cleanses your body. The light has been designed to provide vitamin D to maintain optimal health. State of the art materials have been used which absorb potentially harmful toxins. The environment will enable you to look and feel better on a cellular level.
  • Bodyism has made the impossible possible.  A clean, clear sanctuary away from the toxicity of modern city living has been created. Simply stepping in to Bodyism London will benefit you.
  • A transformation comes from balance. We do not focus on one specific aspect of movement; we take a rounded approach. Bodyism seeks out world experts in bodyweight training, TRX, functional training, yoga, fascial stretching, ballet and pilates. Taking a holistic approach will revitalise, rehabilitate and energise you on a mental and physical level.
  • James Duigan has carefully sourced equipment from across the globe. It has been chosen because it is the best in the world.
  • The Bodyism team will introduce two strands of groundbreaking group workouts: the Clean and Lean class and B Yoga.
  • The Clean and Lean class is the result of combining the most effective forms of exercise in to one innovative workout.
  • B Yoga, has been carefully developed by Bodyism and consists of three signature styles suited to all ranges of abilities. You will be rewarded with a Clean and Lean shake at the end of each class.

Exercise is there to alleviate stress not increase it.

Bodyism wants members to find a new appreciation for their body and have carefully designed treatment rooms for members to relax and revitalise after their workout. Healers have been sourced from across the globe so that clients can find a sense of balance in their own unique way.

Clients are encouraged to take time to pause before reacquainting themselves with London life. The flagship space has a stunning Clean and Lean café and concept store which houses all elements of the lifestyle brand under one roof including, Bodyism’s clothing range, Bodyism equipment and Clean and Lean supplements.

The Clean and Lean café is the perfect resting spot, to recharge, energise, socialise and watch the world go by. The café will offer London’s first ‘Pick and Mix’ granola bar, where customers can create their own healthy breakfast bowl from scratch. Pick up a famous Clean and Lean shake or choose from a selection of seasonal salads, on-the-go snacks or Clean and Lean treats before stepping back into the city with a renewed sense of calm.

Bodyism gyms now reside in some of the finest locations across the globe. Studios can be found atop the rolling hills of the Capri Palace, overlooking the romantic harbour in the Southern Coast of Turkey at the D-Hotel, and near the healing waters of the Maldives at the One and Only Reethi Rah. Bodyism is reborn in London and continues to lead the way in the world of wellness, weight loss and optimal health.

"Bodyism's purpose is to change people's lives. Imagine a place where even the light and air has been designed to make you look and feel better" James Duigan.