A bistrot individual

We have successfully grown our business for 25 years and we’ve learnt the best qualities to look for in our team members along the way – do you have the recipe for success?


‘People with great passion can make the impossible happen.’ We love what we do at Bistrot Pierre, and that’s why all team members are filled with passion for everything that they do. Passion is our energy to keep going and fills us with the enthusiasm and drive to make each visit for our customers extra special. A customer will always know when they’ve been to Bistrot Pierre – it’s the passion!


Every team member of Bistrot Pierre is cared for and treated like family, creating an environment where everyone feels safe and welcome and this translates to the way that we treat our customers. Teamwork is at the core of our success which is why when we all work together each bistrot becomes a great place to work.


Our team members take the time to be thorough and never miss an opportunity to challenge the status quo. Everyone works hard and pays attention to detail making every customers experience an enjoyable one.


Bistrot Pierre team members are ambitious, driven and use their initiative when faced with new and exciting challenges, thriving under pressure – there’s never a dull moment when you work with us!