About us

Is it a hotel? Is it a members’ club? Is it a retreat? Is it a lifestyle? Come find out…

Described by Condé Nast Traveller as “the most exciting opening in the UK right now”, Birch is an escape from urban living. A space where you can release and reset - free from the judgements, expectations, and constraints of daily life - for a day or night, work or weekend.

We’ll open a few Birch sites over the coming years, but for now the first one to know about is Birch (handle.silk.comet) which is 30 minutes north of London in Hertfordshire.

Set within 55 acres of nature sits 140 warm and well-crafted bedrooms; 20 event spaces and a co-working space; a growing farm and Interactive Bakery; two restaurants, both developed by chef Robin Gill, and three bars; a Wellness Space with a gym, studios for strength, sweat, and stretch classes, treatment rooms, and a sauna; a lido (open from summer); a pottery workshop, and screening, music, and art rooms.

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The Company

The brainchild of both Chris Penn (the former Managing Director of the Ace Hotel London) and Chris King, Birch creates spaces that give people the time and freedom to pause, think, create, and savour. All so they feel energised and inspired, with new ideas and stories to tell. 

Whether someone’s with us for a day or night, work or weekend, we want to leave them in a better place than when they found us.

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Why Work with Us

Birch is about getting the most from life. Celebrating it. Having fun with it. Getting energy from it. We want to create great spaces where great people can do great things.

Like most places people stay at, Birch has beds. And like most places you work at, you’ll have a laptop. That’s about where the similarities end.

Birch is an ambitious, well funded hospitality start-up that’s looking to reinvent the traditional hotel.

We want to work with people who are:

  • open to new ideas, new people, new activities.
  • ready to talk, ask, and learn.
  • conscious of their surroundings, impact, and themselves.
  • playful
  • willing to get their hands dirty

You’ll be challenged and supported, and will be joining a company at the beginning of a pretty exciting ride.