The Story of Bill's

What a wonderful journey I have been on, starting with learning and loving growing vegetables from scratch with my father in the fields just outside of Lewes and seeing how they start from seeds, to harvesting them and then right the way through to seeing our partners sell them to customers who take them home to create their suppers with.

In 2001 I decided to open my own shop and café in Lewes, I would enjoy creating beautiful displays of fruits and vegetables and other produce for my customers to buy. If anything was left over we would use it to make the food for the café, jams, tarts, soups, all with produce from the shop.

Today Bill’s still focuses on using seasonal ingredients in our dishes, our menus change regularly and we always like to ensure we give our guests plenty of healthy or indulgent dishes to choose between.

I am really proud of our restaurants and more importantly our fabulous team who make every guest feel welcome, like I tried to do back in Lewes all those years ago. Bill’s is a place for every occasion whether you want a quick breakfast with colleagues or you are celebrating a special birthday dinner with friends and family. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Love, Bill.

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