About us

Bidvine is the best way to advertise your personal training business. Simply set your availability, location, prices, and job preferences when you create a free Bidvine profile.

Then, get matched to only the customers you want. You only pay a small fee when you want to contact a client. If you don't like the client details, then you don't pay. Simple.

You choose whether to review each job and bid manually, or set up BidMatch and send bids automatically. With BidMatch you only pay when the customer contacts you.

It’s completely free to sign-up and we don’t charge commission. Any repeat business and customer referrals are completely yours!

“I got more clients with BidMatch in 2 weeks than from the gym where I work!”

- Lashara van Heerden, Personal Trainer

“I use Bidvine almost daily and I’d say more than 60% of my clients come from Bidvine.”

- Ryan Fleury, Personal Trainer

“With Bidvine, I got my first clients without paying expensive rent at the gym.”

- Carl Harris, Personal Trainer