Our Story

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We have been in the business for over 25 years and if we do say so ourselves…we are going strong! Since January 2016 we have opened 20 restaurants.

We have worked on carefully creating a menu that will appeal to all tastes and that our guests will love! We know that our guests come to us for the warmth and genuinely great food that memories of Italy evoke and we welcome them in as a member of our familiagia.

At Bella Italia you will be working for a fun dynamic brand that knows who it is, what it offers and why our guests love us. You will be a part of a large loving family who is constantly working on being the best we can be.

Our Food

Our suppliers are our partners and our friends. We work hard to form strong relationships so that we can guarantee the best products and produce so that our guests can enjoy every one of our delicious dishes.

Often these unique relationships lead to us having exclusive distribution rights to these premium products within the UK. It is this sense of family and pride in the quality of food that we are providing, that we like to share with our teams, and our guests.

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Our History

Michael Guthrie started what was to become Bella Italia by buying two small restaurant chains - Pastificio and Pizzaland

He rebranded the chains to Bella Pasta. This is how many of our guests got to know and love us

Bella Pasta is rebranded to Bella Italia and the first one opens in Leeds

Over 18 months Bella Italia refurbishes 100 restaurants and plans 45 new openings, bringing the estate to 107 restaurants nationwide

Bella Italia embarks on a research programme to redefine the brand and remind ourselves and our guests about what has made us amazing for the last 25 years

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Our Vision is to provide genuine Italian-quality dining experiences. At Bella Italia, we bring the true spirit of Italy with ingredients sourced from real Italian-family producers, bringing the qualities of life with every guest. Evoking emotions of less stress, more family time and warmth.

Honest and Genuine

Is simply the way we are


Deeply passionate about what we do and how we do it


Starts and ends with us

Real Restauranteuring

Is the heart of our genuine Italian-quality dining experience


Is how we achieve and celebrate our successes

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