Employee Testimonials

Sophie Herbert
Head of UK Sales and Marketing

Designing cocktail menus; launching Belushi's sports bar - the Dugout in London Bridge; organising venue events like the full moon party and attending the prestigious Propel and Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers Chicago Study Tour are all part of Sophie Herbert's role as the head of UK sales and marketing at Beds & Bars. Having worked for ‘Europe's Famous Hostels', (an association of individually owned, independent hostels), as a co-ordination assistant, Sophie then undertook an internship at Beds & Bars and then got the role of sales and marketing assistant before moving into her current position.

“I maintain brand standards across the entire Beds & Bars estate. I work with everyone from venue managers to the executive board, ensuring that weekly marketing briefs are set and met,” she says.

Richard Bradford
UK Operations Manager at Beds & Bars

Determined not to work in a bank like many of his school friends, Richard wanted to have far more fun and not have his life mapped out ahead of him, so he turned to the hospitality industry. After working as assistant manager of a snooker bar in Shoreham, Sussex, in 1996 he joined St Christopher's Inns for seven years. He then spent ten years at Haven holidays as both complex manager and general manager, and in November 2013 he returned to St Christopher's Inns, who are owned by Beds & Bars, and became UK operations manager. With no standard day, Richard says his main role is ‘keeping the customer and the team at the centre of what you do'. His role involves dealing with customers, managers and staff, whilst ensuring the smooth running of all the UK sites.

“The fact there is no standard day is the reason I'm in this business,” he says. “I love the freedom you get in the industry to take on so many different tasks and work with so many different people.”

Luke Knowles
Retail Training Manager at Beds & Bars

Luke oversees people development at Beds & Bars including the training of new and current staff, developing & writing training plans, delivering training and the outsourcing of any necessary courses.

Over 600 people work for the multinational company and Luke implements the ‘footsteps' programme, which helps all members of staff progress their career and achieve their ambitions.

“I have a passion for people development, as I worked my way up through a series of internships and then on the accelerated management scheme at Novus Leisure,” he says. “The industry offers young people the chance to develop a wide range of skills which can translate to any business.

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