About us

Become part of Beast.

At Beast our purpose is simple - to share our crazy, hedonistic passion with avid food hunters by creating the world’s greatest surf and turf from the beasts of land and sea. We are forever pushing forward, searching for the world’s greatest produce; to accompany this, we want you – the world’s greatest people, to work with us and share our tireless endeavour for excellence.

We are the mysterious entertainer, we are the pioneer; we are worldly, we are wise; we are… Beast.

We invite the confident and knowledgeable to join our relentless pursuit of quality; it’s our unwavering desire for excellence that drives us and we’re genuinely passionate about sharing our knowledge with our people. Quality relationships are at the heart of our success and none more so for our people; we seek to educate, to excite, to develop, to dazzle; we are… Beast.


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