Our story


BEAR serves sustainably sourced speciality coffee, seasonal fresh food, cocktails and craft beer in beautifully thought out spaces.

Founded in 2014 by Craig Bunting & Michael Thorley BEAR embarked on a journey. Five years ago, a cup of coffee was often something to wake you up and give you energy. For many, it has now become an integral part of their lifestyle as they frequent coffee houses, not only to buy a coffee but, increasingly, to socialise or work. Across the UK, trends are changing as people’s palates become more sophisticated and they demand a higher quality coffee experience.

Historically, day and night have been complete strangers. However, BEAR combine the finest coffee along with the best in brunch/lunch style dining during the day and then slide effortlessly into cocktails, craft beers, wines and informal dining during the evening. All served in beautifully thought out spaces. In short, BEAR is a coffee, kitchen and bar, providing an all day dining experience with an ethos of perfection that stems from their passion for great coffee and one that is evident in everything they do.