What makes working with us different?

We are Obsessed About Food

We only select the best of everything – ingredients, equipment, and most importantly people. Nobody at BaxterStorey just ‘falls’ into hospitality. They’re passionate, no obsessive – about what they do. We revolt against the beige, bland and boring. We want the ground breakers, taste makers and industry shakers to want to work with us. That means we are on the top of our game.

We Empower Champions

The old age 'a happy team is a productive team' has never rung truer. True happiness means career empowerment, flexibility and genuine prospects through structured, creative training, that's exactly what we offer. Making our teams happy is top of our agenda. We ask our teams to Fuel Their Individuality, when you are yourself, you will be at your best.

We Are Conscientious Protectors

Our belief in the power of food goes way beyond delighting diners. We never stop looking for ways to improve our communities and drive change for the good of the planet and we ask all our team members to support this ethos too. From helping disadvantaged young people into the industry to sourcing the finest ingredients with the lowest carbon footprint, we're always thinking up new ways - big, small but always bold - to make a difference beyond the plate and being a part of BaxterStorey means that you will support us in making a difference. 

You Can Grow With Us

Not only will you have the opportunity to better yourself here, you'll be given every encouragement to do so. And because we're growing all the time, there is no limit to what you can achieve. We don't just attract the best people in the industry, we create them.