About Us

We started BaxterStorey with a very simple idea – to provide fresh, locally sourced good food made by talented well-trained teams, who love giving our customers a memorable experience.

Since 2004 we have been providing hospitality services in workspaces. Whether you are enjoying your lunch in one of our restaurants, sipping a handcrafted barista coffee or experiencing excellent hospitality, you can be assured our teams have access to the best produce. Fresh, seasonal, locally sourced, delicious food is what we do.

We are experts in creating hospitality in client spaces and although our business has grown, our ethos hasn’t changed. We are proud to remain independent and understand the importance of continuing to invest in our people. Our teams operate across the UK, Ireland and Europe creating workplace dining that our clients love and our teams are proud to work in.

We rely on our teams to provide excellent service to our clients. We know that investing in training and development means we can be confident our teams have the skills to support our customers. 

We buy fresh, local, seasonal produce not just because we believe it tastes better, but because it has a big environmental impact, from reducing food miles, to huge social benefits supporting local suppliers and businesses. Working for BaxterStorey means working towards a greener planet, with projects like our award-winning food waste programme which has reduced our food waste by 42%; or our culture shift towards reducing the quantity of meat protein consumed in our restaurants.