About us

Although there are many different stories of how bagels originated, they all took place in Europe in the 1600’s. Bagels later arrived in the USA with the European immigrants at the start of the 20th Century. They became very popular in New York and New Jersey, as they were inexpensive and filling. During the 1980’s in the United States, the population became increasingly more health conscious and a “Bagel Boom” took place because bagels are low in fat and salt yet high in energy giving carbohydrates. Bagels can now be found in every state in the country!

In 1997 the Bagel Factory brought the Bagel to London and the UK. The basement was converted into a bakery, the ground floor into a shop, the first floor an office with the owner living in the flat above. We started off with one small shop in Covent Garden and with the help of professional team members, real foodies, all these years later we have over 50 outlets in Ireland and at major travel hubs in the UK. The true “Bagel Experience” is what we aim to deliver - the best customer service, the best quality product and the best shop ambience. The result? Customers that return again and again!

Whether toasted with jam, drizzled with honey or filled with lashings of cream cheese and salmon, bagels are a great source of energy enjoyed at any time of the day. Customers can satisfy themselves f throughout the day with our regular favorites or create their own combination from our selection of delicious fillings. Endless experimenting always ensues!

We also cater to our vegan- friends. PETA awarded us with the Proggy Award in response to the launch of our vegan cream cheese bagel! Customers now have to option to choose our delicious Vegan Cream Cheese Bagel, any of our other vegan bagels, or customise your own vegan-friendly bagel.