About us

Authentic Pub Co. was conceived in 2008 when Sarah and Simon Bailey acquired their first pub in Hampton Court; since then the company has grown to seven fantastic pubs all offering the same focus on quality of offer and service.

Since 2008 Authentic Pub Co has won many awards and accolades and recent finalists in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser Best Pub Employer where we were commended on the working environment and opportunities we provide for all our staff.

Authentic Pub Co is made up of two divisions: our Dragon and our Authentic Pub concepts.

The Dragon Concept was rolled out early in 2015 when we acquired two of the old Orchid Pubs sites.  They trade with Authentic Pubs offering a Thai dining experience.  A lot of work has been put into developing the sites with a blend of English Pub and Thai Restaurant.  The menus are all cooked by authentic Thai chefs to ensure great flavours and tastes.

Our Authentic Pub concept focuses on the classical Gastro pub menu British ingredients, sourced locally, put together with care.

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