ASK Italian Apprenticeships

The ASK Italian Apprenticeship programme is a development plan open to all Team Members, across both Front of House and Chefs, who are looking to start a hospitality career to become future leaders in our business.

Starting out as a Team Member or Chef on equal pay rates as our restaurant team, you'll receive development, promotions and pay rises along the journey!

We'll help you to develop your knowledge, skills and behaviours to grow your career with the potential to graduate as a Sous Chef or Assistant Manager, and we'll ensure you have all the skills you need to progress through your management career.

You'll have our full support as you commit to a bespoke learning plan, built by our apprenticeship training partners in England, Scotland and Wales, including workshops, interactive workbooks, and one to one coaching.

On graduating the programme, you’ll receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification, and all the skills you need to continue a fantastic management career with us!