About us

Artfarm is a ‘one of a kind’ business. With its unique ethos, Artfarm has changed people’s expectations of what a hotel or restaurant can be. That power has come from a team who, at every level, share the beliefs, passions and ambitions of its founders, Iwan and Manuela Wirth.

Our goal is to enrich people's lives by hosting them:
Everyone in mind
Community as the way
Art at the heart

Our values:
Since the beginning, our values are what we live and breath every day. 

We create exceptional experiences.
We surprise people with the unusual and unexpected, helping them to experience the beauty and majesty of what is around them. 

We enhance our communities:
We do all we can to be sustainable and to protect our resources, community and the environment.

We go beyond:
We make the everyday magical with generous gestures and thoughtful actions that delight.