Why Andrew Swift?

Here at Andrew Swift, in such a competitive industry we always go that one step further to provide our clients with the very best talent available in the marketplace. Using the ‘5 S’ approach enables us to consistently deliver quality candidates time and time again.


It begins with the initial Sourcing function and we utilise a variety of different methods to locate the very best Front of House candidates available in the marketplace. The specific requirements of the role will determine which particular methods we use.


We then move onto the Screening stage, which involves meeting the candidate and interviewing them either in person or over the phone to assess their suitability for the post. This includes taking both professional and character references.


Following on from this process and after interviewing a number of prospective candidates, we develop a Short-List based on your specific job requirements. We will brief them fully on the key details and judge their level of interest for the available post.


Using the knowledge we’ve acquired, we then Select the top three candidates from the short-list.


The final stage of our recruitment process involves the creation of a profile for each candidate. We Submit this to you complete with a brief synopsis of why we think this person is suitable for your particular vacancy.