About us

With over 75 years combined industry experience Mr Almond, James and Vicki have an extensive amount of hands-on knowledge of different industry sectors, including;  fine dining, banqueting, butchery, hotel and gastro pubs.  Almond Family Pubs began in 2002 with the acquisition of the Fletchers Arms in Denton.  The Almond family ran this as their family business for over 2 years, the three directors often working all day every day to make sure the business was a success.  Once established the Almond family then purchased the Hesketh and James took on this new venture leaving Vicki successfully managing the Fletchers Arms with Mr Almond overseeing both.  Fast forward a few years and we now have 5 successful and beautiful Premium Carvery Pubs in the Stockport suburbs and the directors are proud to visit them daily and support hands-on where required.

Almond Family Pubs is only going in one direction and that is up!

Our company has been built on hard work, passion and innovation.  The Almond family keep up to date with emerging trends in the industry and frequently introduce new products and dishes.  This innovation is also encouraged for every individual working within the company through the innovation incentive we call ‘Chairman’s Challenge’. 

All decisions are made with sustainability at the forefront. In it for the long-haul, the Almond family hope to continue to grow and are always on the lookout for the next perfect acquisition.  With this in mind professional development and internal progression is genuinely available for any rising stars within our teams.

Claire Jones, HR manager - “I joined the company in 2010 as a general manager to launch the Puss in Boots in Offerton.  Prior to this I had gained valuable experience in some large managed companies as well as running my own Robinson’s tenancy.  While running the Puss in Boots I was able to complete a degree in Human Resources Management at University and the HR Manager role was created by the directors for me.  I have been in this role since 2012 and I am dedicated to providing opportunities that allow our individuals to reach their full potential.  I remain passionate about our diverse, fascinating and rewarding industry and I sit on external ‘council’s’ to help build the reputation of the hospitality industry as a career choice and the profession it is”.