About Us

About Us

We are an equal opportunities employer. We respect everyone's right to be treated fairly and do not tolerate discrimination in any form. Respect for our colleagues and customers is important to us. This means:
  • valuing people and diversity
  • being open and communicating well
  • working in partnership with others
  • showing leadership and taking personal responsibility
  • acting with integrity and honesty
  • achieving excellent results in everything we do.
Our Race Equality Scheme 2002 sets out how we will look at our activities and services over the next three years. This will identify any areas where we need to improve on providing equal opportunities to our community. Action will be taken to ensure these areas are addressed.

There is a range of opportunities for developing careers in the council. We offer excellent training and personal development is encouraged. We support our employees to reach their career goals. Secondments and exchanges
Secondments provide staff with the opportunity of working in another section, department or organisation to gain new skills and experience.

Day release
Employees wishing to study may be supported through day release and could be eligible for financial support. This includes full or part-time, short courses and open and distance learning courses. The purpose of the training must meet both business and personal objectives.

Study leave
We provide up to five days paid leave to prepare for approved examinations.

Where financial support cannot be given (or is not available) employees may apply for a council career development loan.

You can join one of our project teams and gain experience working with colleagues from other departments on areas of work you would not normally be involved in.

Some examples of our project teams are:
  • First Impressions: maximising recruitment opportunities and ensuring a favourable corporate image is projected to new entrants
  • Diversity action team: to ensure the council meets its duties under the Race Relations (Amendment) Act 2000 and to promote equality and diversity in the workforce and the community.
Staff benefits
Find out about the benefits we offer to our employees.

The range of training we provide.

Working in Ealing
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