About Us

Pushing boundaries, taking initiative and using our collective passion is at the heart of everything we do. Fabulous Fan Fayre (also known as F3) is a combination of like-minded culinary and customer service providers who seek to change people’s attitude to food, inspiring millions to try new things and get stuck in. A melting pot of expertise across commercial aspects including, procurement, menu development, operations and delivery. The combination of both Legends’ and One Event Management’s expertise in performing on the biggest stages, under the brightest of lights with trusted commitment to authenticity, quality as a world renowned and recognized brand means we’re ready to redefine the customer experience and take it to levels previously unseen.

Our mission as we grow is to utilise the greatest strengths, the best practices and the huge breadth of experience within our ranks to become the best in our field. We are continually upping our game in all areas of our businesses and the results speak for themselves. Rather than just presenting ourselves here as Fabulous Fan Fayre, we seek to show the core strengths behind this joint venture by using examples from our more established businesses and personnel we have brought together for this exciting opportunity.

The partnership gives us the opportunity to up the ante, challenging what’s out there and going beyond what’s considered acceptable in the industry right now. We’re offering you something just a little bit different, and that guarantees you we’ll deliver creative, fresh, wholesome food the first time, and every time after that.

We believe and work to the ethos that the quality of our food starts in the field, not in the box in a warehouse. We go right to the source and ensure the quality of each product is looked after throughout the entire process – so by the time we select something from our warehouse, put a good chef around it and cook the product, the delivery is the best it can be. All of our own products we purchase falls within our food standards and food charter, which stand for industry leading guides in terms of quality. All producers we deal with must function to BRC (British Retail Consortium) and ISO requirements. On top of this we have our own internal audits which all suppliers are taken through. If we feel their products are superior and worth listing, but they’re not accredited to the standards required (often because they’re smaller, or more specialist growers/farmers), we use our size and backing to actively help them achieve these standards before listing them.

We actively take ownership on much of our procurement – let’s face it, much of it is in-house already which is hugely advantageous to our clients – so we’re never at risk of having restrictive purchasing requirements. We would look to actively work with each client to help realise freedom of purchasing and help maximise the scope of different deals open to you given our power in procurement.