Deputy Manager - Southampton

Southampton, Hampshire
£18,000 - £21,000 p/a
30 Nov 2016
20 Dec 2016
Job Type
Full Time

Deputy Manager

Monkey Bizness is an operator of indoor play centres. We offer unrivalled entertainment for children under the age of 12 providing indoor facilities which incorporate soft play, climbing walls, restaurants and much more. We have sites at Gosport, Lewes, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton & an indoor trampoline centre in Hull. We are a customer facing business and as such we expect all staff to work to ensure that we give consistent, high levels of customer service at all times.

Your main focus is to maintain a safe and extremely clean place where families come to play and create special memories.

Responsibilities for all Monkey Bizness staff

  1. You must keep the centre clean at all times. This includes daily frame cleaning and constant cleaning during the day to keep the centre presentable to all customers.
  2. Smile and greet customers (adults and children), be courteous and helpful to customers at all times.
  3. Listen to and assist customers when necessary, build a rapport with customers.
  4. Wear the appropriate uniform and name badge, and ensure that your uniform and your general appearance are clean and tidy.
  5. Arrive punctually so that you start work on time and ensure that you practice good time management.
  6. Be professional and approachable towards colleagues and maintain a good working relationship.
  7. Be available to work in either Gosport, Southampton or any other centre we consider to be a reasonable distance away.
  8. Carry out any reasonable instruction given to you by managers on shift without issue.

Role and responsibilities

In the absence of the GM you are the sole person in charge. Throughout your shift, you will be required to assist in various areas of the business, which will include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO:

Management responsibilities:

  • Follow reasonable instructions from your centre manager and the assistant manager and assist them in carrying out his or her duties
  • Act as centre manager on days when the centre manager is not at work, for example opening and closing the centre, cashing up, ensuring tills balance
  • Assist with recruitment and managing staff and development of staff, and following relevant staff related procedures (grievance, disciplinary etc)
  • Implement marketing plans produced by your centre manager, and ensure your centre uses the most up to date marketing materials at all times
  • In conjunction with the centre manager and the assistant manager, ensure rotas are completed two weeks in advance, using the new online software
  • Plan, forecast, report on sales, costs and business performance
  • Liaise with external agencies and authorities as necessary (fire services, police, local council, health and safety inspectors, etc)
  • Take an active roll in every aspect of the centre; from supporting the kitchen manager to helping the party manager to looking after stock control

Managing the centre responsibilities:

  • Ensure the centre is safe, well equipped, well organised and clean at all times; manage the upkeep and condition of all equipment, fixtures and fabric of your centre
  • Manage cash and payment systems, costs and overheads, as well as any other factors affecting profitability
  • Liaise with suppliers and other parties as required
  • Complete stock takes; manage, maintain and report as necessary all perishable and non-perishable stock items
  • Manage health and safety, security, and emergency systems according to company policy and relevant law
  • Seek and continuously develop knowledge and information about competitor activity, pricing and tactics, and communicate this to staff
  • Lead from the front and by example
  • Close the building and ensure it is completely locked / secured and alarmed
  • Respond to alarm activation call outs within 30 minutes

1. Walking the centre floor:

Answer questions, help and ensure customers are happy. This will require you to have a good knowledge of your centre, and the current promotions, and up to date product knowledge.
1.1 Ensure the centre is safe, clean, attractive and well equipped at all times.
1.2 Ensure the frame is cleaned daily.
1.3 Ensure toilet checks are done once an hour and time recorded.
1.4 Interact with children around the frame and floor.
1.5 Ensure all complaints are dealt with in a professional manner and followed up. Report all complaints to your centre manager.
1.6 Ensure you clean tables and floors to maintain the highest cleanliness at all times.

2. Working on reception.

2.1 Greet all customers on arrival with a friendly and welcoming tone and smile. You are the first impression that they get of Monkey Bizness. If possible greet customers by name.
2.2 Offer all new customers a centre orientation.
2.3 Inform all customers of daily activities and events.
2.4 Inform all customers about the seasonal and annual passes.
2.5 Up sell parties, events and merchandise to customers.
2.6 Take date of births for anyone aged 6-11 months old
2.7 Assist customers with any questions that they might have in a polite and knowledgeable manner. If you are unable to help seek assistance immediately.
2.8 Answer all telephone calls (internal/external) within three rings. Deal with calls promptly. If you cannot answer customers’ questions, seek immediate advice.
2.9 Log and process customers’ details.
2.10 Check customers in and out of the building and maintain accurate numbers of people in the centre.
2.11 Be vigilant of customers who are trying to gain cheaper access to the centre (through, for example, lying about the age of their children).
2.12 Take card and cash payments from customers.
2.13 Give every customer their receipt.

2.14 Where necessary, book parties for customers.
2.15 Make regular announcements informing customers about offers, events and safety instructions.
2.16 Ensure leaflet stands are always fully stocked. Keep a stock of leaflets to provide to customers if asked.
2.17 Ensure the reception area is clean and tidy throughout your shift and at the end of your shift ready for the start of the next shift.
2.18 Say goodbye to all customers as they leave the centre.
2.19 Follow Monkey Bizness scripts / ways to communicate
2.20 Reply to and send out emails as per the DM's instructions

3. Working on the bar:

3.1 Take food and drink orders and payments. Up sell and make recommendations to customers.
3.2 Deliver food and drinks to tables. Ensure that cutlery, napkins and condiments are delivered with meals.
3.3 Clear and clean tables once customers have finished their meal. Ask customers if they would like anything else.
3.4 Ensure all tables are clean at all times.
3.5 Ensure any food wait is communicated with the customer.

4. Hosting and entertaining at parties:
Organise and run parties; ensure that they are fun, safe and memorable.
4.2 Prepare the party room or area before each party; set out plates, cups, cutlery and squash and anything else which is necessary.
4.3 Clean and tidy the party room or area once the party is finished, and prepare the room for the next party.
4.4 Ensure rooms, furniture and cutlery are safe and clean to use.
4.5 Prepare the party bags and balloons in advance of the parties.
4.6 Ensure parties run to schedule within their allotted time slot.
4.7 Greet guests when they arrive. Pay special attention to the birthday child.
4.8 Obtain data including child’s D.O.B and parent’s email address upon arrival.
4.9 Entertain the children throughout the party. This may include dressing up as Marvin.
4.10 Up sell adult tea / coffee and food platters throughout the party. =
Bring out the birthday cake, sing happy birthday to the birthday child and if appropriate prompt Marvin to dance and move.
4.12 Hand out feedback forms to parents. Keep a file of completed feedback forms. Deal promptly with any negative feedback or complaints.
4.13 Handle party payments and tips appropriately.
4.14 Ensure the party storage unit is always clean for next shift.
4.15 Work in any other area of the business and in any role if required (for example working in the kitchen, cleaning the frame and the toilets, etc.)
4.16 Follow management instructions.

4. Working in the kitchen
When required help wash up all food items to a high standard
4.2 Help plate up foods when required.

Additional Info

  • 1 free meal per full shift of over 8 hours
  • Salary starting at £18,000 - £21,000 p/a
  • Hours Mon-Sun on average 40-45 per week, primarily weekend work due to the busy nature of the business.


Although the above list has been provided it will not cover everything. There are so many different aspects to the job so from time-to-time you will be asked to do something not listed above. Adapt to any necessary changes in the business and assist with implementation.

You must apply by December 20th and interviews taking place in January 2017

The new centre will be operational in March 2017 however the successful candidates will be in Gosport for 1 month prior to complete their training.