Study to Become A Personal Trainer - Scotland

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15 Oct 2020
12 Nov 2020
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Study to Become A Personal Trainer

The Game Changer Powered by GSquared Academy

**Get your fully certified PT Diploma for just £19 PER MONTH**


What you're about to read will test your paradigms and your beliefs. 

This hasn’t been done before so it may confuse you when we show you how we will give you more, for less… a lot less. ONLY £19

Not only that but get qualified well-beyond Level 3 with our High Performance Personal Trainer Diploma which includes; 

  • Intro video series to the 7 Point Functional Movement Screen 
  • 5 Steps To Success
  • High Performance Certificate 
  • Glowing Testimonial 
  • In-depth and Comprehensive career and job placement support 
  • 3 Step Kickstart E-Book 

THAT’S RIGHT, FOR £19 PER MONTH you’ve got access to one of the most advanced Personal Trainer Diplomas in the UK - We are here to disrupt the market. We’ve just made ‘learner loans’ extinct.

Why are we doing this?

We understand that during the current situation regarding COVID, more people are looking at changing careers, and we want to help you re-train or further yours.

A career as a Personal Trainer can be personally rewarding and also financially. We are doing our part by offering you our Level 3 High Performance Personal Trainer Diploma course for just £19 PER MONTH. No more debts, no more learner loans.

Why GSquared Academy?

We want to give more people the opportunity under this current climate to change their career. We all know that the financial element can be a barrier, and we’ve removed that for you. 

Not only do we want to create more successful Personal Trainers by equipping them with more knowledge at the outset, but we want to draw more Personal Trainers into the industry - the country urgently needs more coaches. 

This is a LIMITED OFFER, we are expecting a big uptake of learners on this introductory plan so ACT NOW - FOR £19 PER MONTH you'll get fully certified as a Personal Trainer with the additional content. Finally now, you can just go for it - there is nothing stopping you.

Still not convinced, then join our fortnightly webinar: 

Join our - “Is a PT career really for you?” webinar where we talk you through 

  • The stats of the health of the nation 
  • The stats on the industry to date 
  • Powerful tips on building a PT business 
  • Avoid the pitfalls that so many PT’s have historically been caught out with

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