Park Holidays

General Manager - Suffolk/Essex

General Manager - Suffolk/Essex Contract



Developing Business Performance:

  • To review and establish new service standards for the Park, determining overall priorities, seeking constant improvement and basing targets upon customer expectations, whilst understanding and delivering the Company policy on service standards
  • To identify and implement new opportunities for greater efficiency and improving performance of the Park
  • To identify ways of ensuring the smooth running of the Park and help achieve positive changes by helping others adapt to new situations.
  • To take control of new situations and pressures that arise by showing persistence, changes priorities and reorganising when required

Focussing on An Effective Operation:

  • To plan the work of the team to meet annual Park targets by prioritising the key tasks and establishing methods that make best use of resources
  • To address problems that arise through the assimilation of key information to take effective decisions.
  • To understand and apply the key measures of effective business performance for the benefit of the Park
  • To keep up to date with key legislation and new approaches within the industry to positively effect the business
  • To investigate problems that arise with facilities and equipment on the Park to establish root causes, determine solutions and monitor the progress of the work to ensure swift and safe resolution

Ensuring Effective Communication

  • To consider the target audience when communicating and encourage a substantial level of involvement to ensure understanding of issues
  • To put across own views and opinions in a clear and constructive manner in one-to-one and small group situations
  • To build balanced and high performance teams and bring together areas with possible conflicting approaches to work towards common goals
  • To enhance others’ performance by giving balanced and constructive feedback to individuals, jointly reviewing and establishing a range of training activities to support their development



  • To prepare, plan and manage a budget for all resources on the Park, including capital expenditure and to monitor and maintain effective control
  • To safeguard all licences on the Park by ensuring that the operation meets the legal requirements
  • Prepare and meet annual operating profit targets
  • Closely control all Park expenditure within the Company guidelines
  • Maximise occupancy of holiday hire fleet
  • Maximise Caravan Sales with due regard to AUM and profitability, whilst monitoring the quality of sale and associated document in line with the Company’s Dealing Guidelines
  • To identify retail opportunities and maximise spends
  • To ensure all terms and conditions of sales, licence agreements, park rules, etc are implemented in line with Company guidelines
  • Liaise with the local community, holiday industry and suppliers with a view to improving the effectiveness of the business
  • To protect and maintain the Company’s assets
  • To prepare and submit to the Operations Director schedules in connection with capital projects, winter maintenance, equipment and replacements
  • To attend any relevant training courses as recommended by your Line Manager or the Company

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