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Welcome Hotel Indigo Chester

Chester, UK

2 job openings

Welcome to Hotel Indigo Chester

At our Hotel Indigo Chester, the neighbourhood is truly a place like no other. Each new chapter in this neighbourhood’s epic history has brought with it architectural traditions, and every Tudor building, half-timbered house and medieval construction in this beautiful place tells its own story. The city celebrates and commemorates these tales, bringing them to life for residents and visitors through popular parades, festivals and cultural events. Indeed, Chester is a cultural hub, a town that sparks and celebrates all forms of creativity.

From the 2000-year-old defensive walls that encircle the bewitching City of Chester to the vibrant arts scene and countless Bars, Restaurants and Nightclubs, this neighbourhood is positively buzzing. Enriched with local history our boutique hotel is a great base to explore this wonderful city.

Home to The Forge, our Restaurant with a traditional approach to contemporary British cooking. Our menu is a celebration of our passion for wild food. Marrying the refinement of century old techniques with the very best local ingredients, The Forge brings to life the flavours, textures and aromas of the lands that surround us.

This could be your opportunity to work somewhere completely unique, somewhere where you can be yourself, talk about the stories of our wonderful neighbourhood and put your stamp on the ever-evolving brand that is Hotel Indigo.