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Welcome to The Savoy, London

London, UK

250-999 employees

10 job openings

Values and Mission


Creating connections, relationships that are authentic, genuine, personal and real

People bring The Savoy to life. The interplay between individual guests and individual colleagues is what transforms ideas about service, luxury and iconic heritage into real experiences. So our vision should focus on creating a truly people-centred luxury hotel that’s renowned for making relevant, authentic connections and turning them into deep relationships.


'Extraordinary people' is both our colleagues and guests. ​ This is both an acknowledgement of our extraordinary people, and an invitation for us all to be even more extraordinary.​

The word ‘heart’ expresses our passion and dedication for what we do. It’s warm, kind and empathetic. ​ We always try to create emotional connections and memories between guests and colleagues, and colleagues with one another.

We understand that different people value different things; and the best memories are those that truly touch the heart.​

We place great value on sharing our stories from the past and present. We share our own inspiring stories of how we look after each other and how we ‘wow’ our guests with memorable moments. We all understand that it’s our responsibility to write the next chapter, and every new day gives us the opportunity to do so.

What's important in how we work together?

We are a family here at The Savoy. We believe in you and we trust and empower you to do the right thing. We will always assume positive intent in each other, especially when things go wrong.​

We are kind to each other, and treat each other as we treat our guests; with respect, understanding and empathy, appreciating difference, being inclusive and embracing diversity. We believe moments that touch the heart create lifelong memories.​

We are one team – no department is more important than another – and we all play a significant part in creating seamless experiences for our guests that are personalised and memorable. If something needs doing we would never say ‘it’s not my job!’​

We always strive to be better, we enjoy learning new things and embrace flexibility and multi-tasking as a way of life here. It gives us variety, fresh challenges, and helps us develop our capabilities.​

We are all encouraged to bring our unique personalities into the way we do our roles and build authentic connections with colleagues and guests. This is a place where you can be yourself, whilst demonstrating our Forbes Five star standards, of course.