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Welcome to Ultimate Performance


50-249 employees

22 job openings

Welcome to Ultimate Performance, home of the world’s leading personal trainers.

Are you an ambitious personal trainer who wants to build a rewarding long-term career as part of a world-class team transforming people’s lives every day?

You can unlock incredible career opportunities at Ultimate Performance that no other fitness business can offer.

  • Focus 100% on mastering your craft as a trainer with no selling, marketing or self-promotion.

  • Learn how to achieve consistently excellent results for your clients from the world's best trainers.

  • Enjoy 200+ hours of mentorship, education, and hands-on training so you never stop developing.

  • Progress your career by delivering measurable results and ROI for clients – not on session numbers or sales targets.

  • Earn a full-time salary and get generous performance bonuses that reflect your results and hard work.

  • See limitless opportunities to develop into fulfilling roles on or off the gym floor – across PT, education, marketing, technology, and more.

  • Get the chance to travel the world, and live and work in exciting global locations from Sydney to Los Angeles.

If you want a career that is more than just a job, apply to Ultimate Performance today.