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Welcome to Wells & Co

Bedfordshire, UK

42 job openings

WELLS & CO. Pubs like no other....


Ahhh, a good beer in a warm pub in the wonderful land of Bedfordshire.

That's how it all started back in 1876.

Charlie Wells and his team set out to bring pints, passion and people together with every new pub that opened its doors.

Since then, we've continued to grow, even taking our pubs and breweries across the channel to France (alright, we're just showing off now).

But with every step forward, we're still committed to the same mission.

To bring great pubs to communities where the locals will love them, the pub team can be proud of them, and the pints are as banging as ever.

What's a pub without it's people?

We've done a fair bit since we first opened our doors back when most people still popped for a pint on the back of a horse.

But none of it would be possible without the people who really make the good things happen...our team.

From the faces that welcome you, to the kitchen that feeds you, to the team that keeps everything ticking along behind the scenes, they're the ones that really drive us forward.

We've built a place where creativity, innovation and passion are the measure of a great team.

So, when you work for us, feel free to bring your true self, your own ideas and a fresh perspective... because we'll make sure to listen.

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