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Our Values

Our Values

We are one club, with one team, seeking to achieve one standard of excellence across two clubhouses. All this passion can be summed up in the word HEART, which stands for Heritage, Excellence, Accountability, Respect, and Trust. These are the values that flow through our veins. More importantly, they are the values we will expect you to live by.



Did you know that Sir Winston Churchill particularly enjoyed the swimming pool at Pall Mall, with its mosaic columns, white Sicilian marble walls and bronze balconies? Whatever our role at the Club, we all play our part in conserving its heritage – motoring, social, sporting and architectural – carrying on its remarkable traditions and using the past to enliven and inspire the present.


Excellence is something we strive for every day. It is the next five minutes. It is a television remote placed neatly on the bedside table, a cup of tea delivered without delay and the courtesy of your undivided attention. Focus and attention to detail are paramount. Moment to moment, your commitment to excellence makes all the difference, creating memories which last a lifetime.


We pride ourselves on our team approach, with all of us playing our own important part. This means accepting personal responsibility for exceeding members’ expectations, taking ownership of our work, acting with integrity and admitting and learning from our mistakes. It also means putting team achievement above personal goals – safe in the knowledge that the team will look after you.


The Club has always enjoyed a reputation for mutual tolerance and consideration. Respect is our watchword. It is listening properly to members and colleagues alike, treating them with professional courtesy at all times. It is understanding the importance of rules, boundaries and timekeeping, while retaining the flexibility to acknowledge other people’s expertise or extra input.


Every role here is a position of trust. You are entrusted with protecting and furthering our proud tradition. You are entrusted with representing the Club and all its values. You are entrusted with developing yourself and your team. This level of trust has to be earned: by doing what you say you will do, acting fairly, keeping confidences, providing honest feedback and receiving it, positively.

If you can live these values, you will see your efforts recognised and your potential nurtured in an organisation that is full of individuals who have come up through the ranks, learned new skills or taken their careers in surprising new directions.