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Welcome to Dirty Bones


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Welcome to Dirty Bones

The original Dirty Bones opened in 2014. Since then, we’ve opened a few more restaurants, but the vision remains the same: we transport people and give them a soundtrack to eat and drink to, along with a generous slice of NYC.

We make creative comfort food using the best ingredients. We create creative, signature cocktails. We play old-skool funk, soul and hip hop. We set the scene for people to kick back, relax and enjoy good times together. We design quality spaces that inspire quality time. It’s all in the detail and the passion with which we deliver it.

There’s an attitude we all share: love life, enjoy what you’re doing, engage, be yourself, interact with energy, know where you’re going, be proud of yourself. If we all do that, we’re taking care of business. This is a business where individuality shines and opportunities wait. Explore your talents. Stretch yourself. Grow. We’re always looking for ideas – show us what you can do, and we’ll try to make it your Dirty Bones reality. 

Bring your creativity and your passion to work. Dirty Bones was founded on it.

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