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Welcome to Swimming Nature


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Who are we?

For nearly 30 years, Swimming Nature has helped to redefine how we learn to swim. Our scientifically-backed methodology focuses on training everybody, from babies to very late swimming bloomers, to swim confidently and beautifully without the aid of floatation devices.

We believe classes of ten or twenty children in a swimming pool with a single instructor standing beside them calling out instructions don’t work. Considering almost 1 in 3 children leave primary school unable to swim, and somewhere in the region of 3.4 million kids in the UK don’t have the most basic swimming abilities, we’d say, as a nation, we’ve got a problem on our hands. 

At Swimming Nature, we are committed to delivering private, tailored swimming lessons that establish a solid bedrock of knowledge and tuition that lasts a lifetime. All of our teaching is done with our instructors in the swimming pool, delivering classes on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis, giving each student the focus and attention needed to become the swimmer we have inside us all.  

We currently operate at swimming pools throughout the country, but due to demand and increased popularity, we’ll be looking to expand even further in the future. 

We’re swimming classes, done differently.