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1000+ employees

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Welcome to Sports Bar & Grill

We’re dedicated to providing the best quality sport experience and top-notch food for our customers.

Friendly, familiar, and always welcoming – everything we do is geared to make every one of our guests feel at home with us, no matter where they’re from or what their team colours are.

When guests step through our doors, they’re instantly immersed in the spirited, electric vibe created by joyful diners and emotional sports fans. Caught up in an environment that unites, excites and invites all. Sharing the thrill of the action and of the food.

It’s a team effort, which is why Sports Bar & Grill will ensure any new additions to the team will be driven and dedicated to delivering premier league hospitality to our guests. Join us and be part of delivering the ultimate sport, food, and drink experience to our guests.