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Welcome to Yo! Sushi

UK wide

1000+ employees

58 job openings

come roll with us and be part of something big

We burst onto the restaurant scene in 1997, when we shook up London and showed the UK a new way of eating. Part of this was the 'kaiten' conveyor belt and colour-coded dishes which made our name.

We're all about fresh, flavoursome, authentic Japanese food. Sushi is what we're famous for, but we also have a mouth-watering range of hot street food available - from traditional classics to innovative fusion dishes. All packed with rich, aromatic flavours and umami.

Fast forward to today and we have over 70 restaurants all over the globe, more than 300 kiosks in the UK, with grocery products and pre-pack sushi in most major UK supermarkets.

Because our business is expanding, we can offer you job security and the opportunity to grow your career alongside us.

From Restaurant to Retail, Squad Member to Manager, search for your next opportunity at YO!