Contact: Mr Karsten Dall

53 Parker Street
United Kingdom

Tel: 07809330200

About Syft

Syft is an online platform that connects employers with the best paid, fully vetted and trained workers at a far lower cost than using a traditional flexible staffing agency. We currently provide workers for the hospitality sector in London, Manchester and Leeds.

By removing the middleman, temp agencies, and connecting employers directly to professional workers, Syft charges only a 15% fee on top of worker wages. This also means that workers get paid at a higher rate than the industry standard – a minimum of £8.50 per hour. Higher wages = happy workers!

Syft’s rating system means we can guarantee high-quality, motivated workers, and employers can see how they performed on previous shifts.

Syft offers complete transparency to both employers and job seekers. Syft allows employers to see exactly who they are booking, including skill sets, previous experience and ratings, and job seekers can see exactly who they are working for and what the role involves prior to the shift.

Syft is available on iOS, Android and the web.

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