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Le Cordon Bleu


Le Cordon Bleu is a world leading culinary school that is steeped in history and has a rich heritage spanning over 120 years.


Our story begins on the 10th January 1895 when French journalist, Marthe Distel launched a weekly publication called La Cuisinière Cordon Bleu, which was to be the first culinary magazine in France, and educated its readers with the most unique recipe collection for its time.


The magazine grew from strength to strength, which resulted in the opening of a small Parisian cookery school on the 15th October 1895, from which the first Russian student was welcomed in 1897 and the first Japanese student in 1905.


The culinary school gained much publicity from the French and international press. 


"It’s not unusual for as many as eight different nationalities to be represented in the classes." 
London Daily Mail, 16th November 1927


It was however the diverse network of our alumni that really contributed to Le Cordon Bleu, as in 1931 former Paris students; Rosemary Hume and Dione Lucas were given the right to take the Le Cordon Bleu tradition to London, where they founded L’Ecole du Petit Cordon Bleu. After Hume secured a loan of £2,000 from family and friends, the pair were able to base the school in two ground-floor rooms which they rented in Jubilee Place, Chelsea. The large room was the kitchen, the smaller the office, and in a corridor to the street, they set up a few tables and chairs for passers-by to enjoy the efforts of the students. The loan was given on the premise of being paid back within 15 years, but in only two years the loan was repaid in full.


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