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  • Top 10 Career Tips

    • 7 Jun 2019

    You are not alone in your job hunt struggle. If you want to get that all important interview, you need to ensure that your CV is the best of the bunch! Read these simple tips on how to revamp your CV and land the role you want. Who knows what doors this will open for you!

  • ​London Too Expensive? Move To These Cities + Save A Ton Of Money!

    • 25 Oct 2017

    Unfortunately, London is pushing out more and more people every​ year with the ever-rising cost of living and non-comparable pay rises. There are lots of commutable towns outside of London but why not think about minimising your commute time (and train ticket money) and cost of living without sacrificing the salary...too much.

  • Giving up on giving up

    • 1 Mar 2017
    • Frances Leacy

    The pancakes have been eaten, and if we are all sticking to the historical meaning of Lent; our cupboards have been banished of all things bad and we are all about to embark on a 40 day period of self restraint.

  • Working during the Christmas festivities....

    • 13 Oct 2016

    Christmas and the lead up to the festivities can be the best part of the year to work in retail and hospitality.

  • #Foodie

    • 4 Oct 2016
    • Frances Leacy

    "Not as elitist as a gourmet, more discriminating than a glutton."

  • The Beauty Myths Advertisers Don’t Want You to Know

    • 3 Jun 2016

    Advertising beauty products is big business – it’s no wonder most of the high street brands even have the budget to place their collection in front of women and men via TV trailers and promotional YouTube clips.

  • gym instructor

    Three Gym Instructors You Should Be Following on Instagram

    • 1 Jun 2016

    Ah, Instagram! No one could have predicted quite how popular the photo sharing site would become – but it’s currently one of the most-used social networks. 

  • Feeling Unfit? How to Smash it at the Gym

    • 1 Jun 2016

    We know how it is; you overindulged over the weekend – or possibly even over the last few – and now you feel like ‘what’s the point?’ when it comes to the gym.

  • 28 Confessions From Anonymous Hotel Workers

    • 19 Feb 2015
    • Sean Revell

    Today we are bringing you some of the most interesting confessions, secrets and stories from anonymous hotel workers around the world.

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